Every season at Tateuchi Center will be woven from many strands: from classical music and musical theatre, from bluegrass and jazz, from ballet and Bollywood. Some strands will stretch from Japan, China, and India to our stages in Bellevue. Others will reach from Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas. The artists may live in Kyoto, Kirkland, or Karachi. Whether the art is global or local, we’ll bring performers and audiences together in the belief that lives will be changed for the better, cultural bridges will be built, hearts and minds opened to new possibilities. All right here. A cultural feast. For you.

Meyer-and-Marshall-3Audiences in our 2,000-seat Concert Hall will thrill to performances by the world’s greatest artists. A spectrum of Center-presented programs—carefully selected for their appeal to all ages, ethnicities, and cultures—will include classical and pop concerts, ballet and contemporary dance, family entertainment, renowned authors and speakers, new artists, and legendary performers. The 225-seat Studio Theatre (and bar) will showcase more intimate performances. Jazz, blues, singer-songwriters, bluegrass, poetry slams—and more.

A season at Tateuchi Center is also sure to include performances by Seattle Symphony Orchestra, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra, and many more of the region’s treasured performing organizations. You may see a coproduction between us and Issaquah’s wonderful Village Theatre. And the Studio Theatre will offer a superb venue for smaller or emerging Eastside groups.