Topping Off The Major Gifts Campaign

We are very proud that our capital campaign team has raised $127.2 million so far; $28 million in government funding and over $99 million from individuals and companies. As evidence of how much our community wants to see this vision realized, these totals already reflect far more private sector money than either the Benaroya or McCall Hall campaigns. Large capital campaigns always require leaps of faith – to start in the first place, to persist through recessions, construction booms and busts, personnel changes, etc.

Tateuchi Center took one of these crucial leaps of faith last year, enabled by generous donors’ passion for this vision, investing in updating the 2010-dated building plans to current codes and incorporating a few thoughtful design changes.

Under the leadership of board member Eric Stelter, and including participants from our selected construction company, GLY, as well as our original architects, Pfeiffer Partners, this group’s work will soon produce permit-ready plans and current-market construction cost estimates. And here’s where the faith comes in.

We knew we had to take these steps to be able to answer the tough questions our highest capacity individual and corporate donors ask. Yet we also know that as soon as we have the construction cost estimates, the clock starts ticking on them becoming outdated. This is the time when we must Top Off our Leadership Gifts phase of this Campaign.

Our Topping Off the Leadership Gifts Phase, as shown in the diagram, is relentlessly focused on attracting the top “Yes!” decisions that will assure we can break ground this fall. You can help by asking these questions: Which families and companies’ names belong in Tateuchi Center? And, who can you contact to invite to come hear about this vision?

When school children gather in the Studio Theatre & Arts Education Pavilion, what company or family name will greet them, about whom they say “Of course XYZ’s name is on this facility, they have always cared passionately about education!” Which family or company will hundreds of thousands of people thank as they walk down the Grand Promenade every year? Please help us make these connections so we can all start enjoying everything Tateuchi Center will deliver as soon as the fall of 2021.

Thank you!

Cathi Hatch, Campaign Chair

If you would like to see the full descriptions of naming opportunities available, please contact Roxanne Shepherd, Campaign Director, at who will be happy to send it to you.