Many Steps Lead Up To a Big Leap Forward

Board authorizes funding for advance work toward groundbreaking

Just as mounting an arts production involves lots of advance planning and time to create the music, sets, costumes, audition and rehearse the cast, and much more, so does getting ready to break ground for Tateuchi Center. The Board took one of those crucial steps at their January 10th meeting when they authorized expenses identified as “Next Steps Toward Groundbreaking.”

Work launched with that vote refined our plans – especially converting the previously-envisioned Cabaret into the exciting Studio Theater & Arts Education Pavilion – as well as what’s known as “value engineering.” Value engineering is a design phase to reduce costs and increase functionality to make Tateuchi Center truly a state-of-the-art performing arts center without the hefty price tag. Tateuchi Center leaders are committed to making smart decisions now, while plans are not, literally, set in stone.

The meeting also catalyzed the re-engagement of the Act One Guild members, who had been waiting patiently to be called upon to once again join the ranks of dedicated, hardworking volunteers who have put in time, money, and effort to make Tateuchi Center a reality. Act One Guild members will aid in fundraising initiatives, raising community awareness, and assisting with events.

A huge thank-you to everyone who came to the meeting and showed their support for what will truly be our community’s heart!

Board members Rosemarie Francis, Kemper Freeman, and Cathi Hatch welcome new Board member Susan Liu and new Advisory Council member AG Gao.