DONOR PERSPECTIVE: Beth Mccaw & Yahn Bernier

Beth McCaw and Yahn Bernier, with their daughter Cameron, at the Seattle Symphony.


Beth and Yahn lived in Seattle for many years, until 6 years ago when they moved to Bellevue to be closer to Yahn’s company, Valve. They have always been supporters of the arts, giving time and money to organizations such as the Seattle Symphony, Book-It Repertory Theatre and ArtsFund.

When asked why they became interested in giving to Tateuchi Center, Yahn noted that “over in Seattle, there’s the Opera, the Ballet, and the Symphony. But here on the Eastside, there’s a piece missing in what is otherwise a rich and vibrant community.” Currently, there is no venue large enough for these groups to perform on this side of the lake.

They were excited to hear the quiet but intense buzz surrounding a new world-class performing arts center at the heart of the Eastside from supporters including Cathi Hatch and the Tateuchi Foundation’s Dan Asher. Though Yahn and Beth have been long-time patrons of the arts, they noted they’ve never given significantly to a Capital Campaign at a level like this. Yahn and Beth agree, “This was a chance for us to make an investment in Bellevue and in the whole Eastside community. We wanted to invest in our hometown.”

Beth is President of the Washington Women’s Foundation, where she enjoys being part of a group of women that are smart, curious, and committed to improving their communities. One of the Foundation’s early, pivotal investments was Town Hall Seattle.
Beth remembers, “I loved seeing how it developed into a cultural hub for Seattle – and I see Tateuchi Center doing the same for the Eastside.”

Thinking about the Grand Opening of Tateuchi Center, they look forward to when their daughter Cameron, now 11 and an avid dancer and artist, can walk to classes in the Studio Theatre & Arts Education Pavilion. We share in their enthusiasm and so appreciate their generous pledge!