The yet-unnamed 5,000 sq. ft. Studio Theater & Arts Education Pavilion will host arts education opportunities designed to build 21st Century skills.


Education is a core value in our community, evidenced by our high quality schools drawing thousands of residents. Equally strong is our value of creativity. The tech companies surrounding us thrive because their people have the 21st-century skills necessary for success:  creativity, collaboration, persistence, critical thinking, and communication, all taught and honed through arts education.

Amidst all of this, Tateuchi Center is staking a claim at the intersection of creativity, innovation, and education. Over the last several months, thanks to arts leader Mary Pat Byrne, we have explored how regional arts and human service groups will partner with us to deliver arts education opportunities that will inspire creativity and teach the skills necessary in our innovative world.

Studies conducted over a number of years deliver the same conclusion that increased access and involvement in arts education encourage students to stay in school, succeed in school, succeed in work, and succeed in life.₁  As Mary Pat notes, “the vision, courage, and persistence required to dream up an idea and make it real is exactly the same in the arts as it is with inventors and entrepreneurs.”

The future 235-seat Studio Theatre & Arts Education Pavilion provides the flexible venue through which Tateuchi Center can host a broad array of arts education offerings delivered by local and regional arts organizations. Some of the ideas discussed with organizations such as Music Works NW, Bellevue Boys & Girls Club, and Pacific Northwest Ballet include:

  • Summer camps for music, dance, and even radio• Final performances and recitals for local dance and music classes
  • Master classes with renowned Arakawa Concert Hall headliners
  • Leadership development programs

Looking toward Grand Opening and beyond, Mary Pat anticipates that Tateuchi Center “will provide a constant stream of inspiring experiences, enabling people to see, to have access to, to take part in, and to be touched by artists’ creativity.”

In addition to the available $15 million naming opportunity for the Studio Theater & Arts Education Pavilion, we also aspire to secure funding for a $5 million dollar endowment. Annual earnings would assure ongoing delivery of robust arts education collaborations by funding a full-time arts education specialist, pay teaching artists, and provide students’ bus transportation.

Tateuchi Center will be THE place to learn a new skill, connect with our community, renew our child-like wonder, and jump-start our creativity. See you in class in 2021!