What Makes a City Great?
Those of us who live or work in Bellevue are fortunate to inhabit a good city – a really, really good city, actually. I have boundless respect for the dedication of the people in City Hall, the Bellevue Downtown Association, the Chamber of Commerce, and in our many neighborhood organizations, churches, and clubs who work so hard to keep it good and make it better. And I know the same is true of our other Eastside cities as well. We are a region of community builders and good neighbors.

You always feel better when you sing ... you touch a crowd and move yourself at the same time.


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Foundation Makes $25 Million Gift: PACE Renamed Tateuchi Center

Dear Friends,

We are delighted to announce that the Atsuhiko and Ina Goodwin Tateuchi Foundation has made a $25 million gift to the Campaign for PACE, which was launched in 2006 to realize the decades-old dream of creating a great performing arts center for the people of the Eastside. We are profoundly grateful to the Tateuchi Foundation for its momentous investment in this dream, which so many have nurtured for so long.

This gift brings the Campaign to an important threshold, a vantage point from which we can see both how far we have come and where we are going. Looking back, we see a decade marked by the dedication of visionary and generous people. They have brought us to this moment. The land is secured. The blueprints are finished. The Campaign has raised $60 million so far, more than any other capital campaign in Eastside history. Looking forward, we see not just a beautiful building, but also a cultural center whose programs will elevate the quality of life in the entire region. The Foundation’s gift to the Campaign truly opens the door to our future, and to a bright future of arts, education, entertainment, and understanding for the people of this amazing, diverse region. Now is the time for others who care deeply about this community and the role the arts play in our lives to come forward and help us finish the job.

Our new name celebrates not only a remarkable gift—as large as any ever made to a Pacific Northwest cultural institution—but also the mission of the Tateuchi Foundation and the life of the man who made its generosity possible. The late Mr. Atsuhiko Tateuchi was a brilliant and compassionate businessman whose accomplishments on both sides of the Pacific at the threshold of the 21st Century were instrumental in preserving the hope and dignity of Japanese workers during a difficult transition to the new realities of a global economy. He was a successful entrepreneur. He was a humanitarian. He was a sensitive and cultured citizen of the world.

Mr. Tateuchi’s business success led to the creation of the Tateuchi Foundation, and paved the way for his many philanthropic endeavors, especially in education and the arts. The Foundation’s contributions have made an enormous impact throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Their mission is to build bridges, improve understanding, and promote artistic and cultural exchanges between the United States and Japan. Our mission is to transform lives and enrich the community by presenting artistic, cultural, educational, and entertainment experiences of the highest quality for everyone within our reach. There is a natural harmony between our missions that will find its expression in the artists and programs we present.

Our aspirations are unified now in a new name, as the Board of Directors is proud to declare that in honor of this magnificent gift, PACE will forever after be known as Tateuchi Center.


Signature of John Haynes

John Haynes
Executive Director

Signature of Peter Horvitz
Peter Horvitz
Board Chair