“…music – the most poetic and precise of all the arts, vague as a dream and precise as algebra.”
—Guy de Maupassant


“You dance love, and you dance joy, and you dance dreams.”
—Gene Kelly


“From the start it has been the theatre's business to entertain people… it needs no other passport than fun.”
—Bertolt Brecht


“Art is the one achievement of Man which has made the long trip up from all fours seem well-advised.”
—James Thurber

More Than a Theater

Performing Arts Center Eastside (PACE) was incorporated as a nonprofit to have the sole purpose of raising the money for, constructing, and operating a facility that would house and present established Seattle arts groups for Eastside performances. Given that focus, when the spectacular gift was received in 2010 that honors Atsuhiko and Ina Goodwin Tateuchi, the organization gratefully chose to begin doing business as Tateuchi Center.

Now under new leadership in the person of CEO Ray Cullom, the organization’s vision has evolved to encompass a substantially larger scope that includes provision of arts education and programming to begin in 2019, in advance of the building. Going forward, much of this community engagement as well as collaborative partnerships will continue to be delivered around the community rather than within Tateuchi Center.

Accordingly, the organization has returned to its roots as PACE, establishing our value and singular programmatic voice that is reflective of the incredible growth in population and diversity of our Eastside communities. One of the things the revitalized and re-energized PACE will accomplish is creating and operating the most important live performance theater in the world, to be known as Tateuchi Center!

The Vision

Imagine. Artists and entertainers as diverse as our community. Often surprising but never inaccessible. Often familiar but never dull. Always vibrant. Always memorable.

Our mission is to transform lives and enrich the community by presenting artistic, cultural, educational, and entertainment experiences of the highest quality for everyone within our reach.

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Designed with you in mind. A glittering concert hall. Remarkable acoustics. Spacious lobbies and lounges. Comfort around every corner. And free parking.

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Come to be entertained. Leave inspired. Every performance is an adventure of the mind and a doorway to the heart. Immerse yourself!

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